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This section of the website is totally run by you... the general public. Every once in a while I'll post some rumors that I hear, but for the most part its up to you to make this section happen. Try to make it sound like your rumor could be true because if it is totally off the wall, then it probably won't be added.

These are nothing but rumors. They might be true. They might be false. But they sure are fun!

Date Source Rumor:
12/30/2000 Anonymous SFOG could be in for a Superman Ride of Steel Hypercoaster. Not known for sure yet.
12/30/2000 Bryan Six Flags Great America might widen Washington Street, which runs along side of the park, and add a water park next to the amusement park. (2002-3??)
12/30/2000 Raven SFO's new flying coaster will be The Green Lantern. It has a green track with black supports and will be partnered right next to Superman.
12/23/2000 Devin Six Flags New England could recieve the B&M Stand-Up that SFA was slated to get. Now that the Paramount-Vekoma Flying Dutchman deal is over and Six Flags aquired the deal, instead, SFA and SFO would both get a Dutchman, and instead of building the B&M Stand Up there, it would be shipped to SFNE
12/23/2000 Joey Isch I heard a wild rumor at IAAPA a few weeks ago that Millenium Force will be speeding up the elevator lift to 25mph. If this is done the coaster would break 100 mph and reclaim its title from Steel Dragon 2000 for the worlds fastest continuos circuit coaster.
12/16/2000 Brandon Ball Six Flags Marine World in Vallegio California is definitley getting an Intmain Impulse Coaster called Superman Ultimate Escape which has just been installed at Six Flags Ohio. The park may also get a skycoaster! this would be a huge advance for Marine World after building the highly acclaimed floorless coaster Medusa!!!
12/16/2000 Devin Six Flags New England could, in fact, be getting some coasters for 2001. I've gone by the park and because the front parking lot (which is rumored to be torn down with coasters built on it)curves downward away from the road, any chances of seeing a new coaster won't be visually seen from the road until the lift hill is built. I think we could possibly get a B&M floorless, but SFGAdv., only 150 miles away, already has a floorless (Medusa). Hopefully a B&M Stand Up? A small chance of a CCI Wooden, and perhaps something like The Chiller.
12/16/2000 Pat-O While chatting with ride operators at Fiesta Texas, one told me that SFFT was planning to sell some of its water ride equipment that it no longer uses and build a ride called "The Relic." Fiesta Texas also plans to get a kiddie ride in the Fiesta Boardwalk area, and possibly a new woody in place of the Joker's Revenge.
12/12/2000 Jon My friend, who's a manager at Six Flags Ohio, told me that Six Flags Ohio is going to build a new flying coaster for the 2001 season. It's is rumored to be called X-Wing. For those of you who don't know what a flying coaster is, it's like Stealth in California. THIS IS TRUE NEWS. My friend could get fired because im leaking this out.
12/12/2000 Damandan A new roller coaster is being built in 2002 at Thorpe Park (England). It will have not 8, not 9, but 10 inversions setting a new record.
12/12/2000 Matt Horn I heard that in Worlds of Fun, sometime in 2001/2002, they would tear down the Viking Voyager and make a new log fume where the ZamBeZee Zinger was.
12/12/2000 gcast I just recently came from magic mountain in california and from what I saw they are going to move flash back where pysclone is at. then they are going to take out psyclone and replace it with 2 little rides for the kids. possible they will kust move the atom smasher from gotham city. once all that is done they are going to make a entrance way to a new themed area which will lead to the new bm floorless coaster. which should be done by september 2001. also I heard from a friend who works there that the main reason why they want to take out psyclone is so that they could build a wooden coaster that will make ghost ride look like wind jammer. my friend said that they were talking about a 13 1/2 story wooden coaster that would be 3.5 minutes long. possible 2002/2003 date. none of this has been confirmed yet. this was all talk that they had in a meeting
12/5/2000 Undertakerths A Six Flags Over Georgia employee tole me that SFOG are getting two new rides for the 2001 season. He told me that they will A Superman "Ride Of Steel" with a lift hill about 230ft and a B&M Floorless coaster.
12/5/2000 LittleSkogs I heard in about two years valleyfair will be getting a new roller coaster that will be 250ft tall and have a 175ft loop on it and I think the track will be blue and the sopports will be silver or white and will be named after the sea.
12/2/2000 Anonymous I have heard from a man who works at six flags new england that they plan to add a new b&m floorless somtime in the year 2002. He told me that it would probably be a record breaker for speed, height,and length. That would be so awsome if sfne would add a floorless which mightshorten the lines for the hellevator and superman.
12/2/2000 Michael Lynn OK. Now this may be bogus, (heck, it probably is) but theres a wild (and i mean WILD) rumor going around the Internet that Great Adventure will get a SECOND roller coaster. A flying coaster, like a clone of Stealth or something. i dont belive it, but that's for you to decide.
12/2/2000 SFMMFreak!
It just happens so that three diffent things may be happening at sixflags. Their have been many rumos about a floorless coaster. This is may or may not be true. It is also said that they may need to take Phlyclon out becuase of it's horrible design. The last and final thing is that they might be moving Flashback to the back of the park. This is because it is always closed during the summer because it is so loud. The people at the water park get ear-ache's from the noise. That's all for the six flags part of it. Oh ya, one more thing, they have recieved the trains for the new floorless. They are Red and Blue. It is defanitly a B&M coaster.
11/30/2000 Josh I can almost guarentee everybody that Darien Lake will get a new extreme ride next year. I saw a long truck carrying rollercoaster trains that had orange horsecollar restraits ,it was heading for darien,NY.
11/30/2000 Joey Isch I recently heard that six flags ohio will be getting some type of Vekoma coaster for 2001.Most perople are assuming it will be a dutchman because its supposed to be 115 ft high. Its spose to be located be SUE.
11/30/2000 Phil Behind Superman Ride of steel at six flags America there are tracks laid out with a batman sign on it. I think they are going to build a roller coaster called Batman the ride. A steel inverted coaster. But I am not totally sure about this. I am sure their are trackes laid out.
11/28/2000 Michael Lynn Six Flags Great Adventure has started construction! It looks like they did not tear down any of the rumored rides, such as GASM, Chiller, or Freefall, yet i can't say for the whole park. All i can say is the coaster construction is going well and it looks like we don't have to pay any price for it either.
11/26/2000 Brandon Kline I have been told that Michigans Adventure is suspose to get a hyper coaster o a dueling/racing wooden coaster that will break Lightning Racers record. I was also told they were suspose to get another family coaster.
11/26/2000 Damandan Blackpool pleasure beach ( England ) is rumoured to be building two new roller coasters in place of The roller coaster, The Space Invader and sadly The Big One.The Big one will be replaced by a 300ft steel roller coaster and the space invader and The roller Coaster will have a enclosed inverted roller coaster in the room available.
11/25/2000 Anonymous In the back of six flags magic mountain they got the track of the floorless coaster (blue with outsides of red) The trains are red with blue over the shoulder restraints. They are floorless trains, so this means a floorless ride for sfmm! They said it will open mid July of 2001. I also heard it will be a superman name. If this is they say they will either have two supermans at the park (the new one supermans revenage, from what I heard) or change the name superman the escape to another name and the new rides name superman the the escape
11/25/2000 Mike I heard on a local radio station in Cleveland Ohio that Paramounts Kings Island is sueing RCCA, the company who designed Son Of Beast, because it is unsafe. They said a coaster should that collapsed twice should not be open to the public.
11/25/2000 CoastaMac I can support that rumour about Canadas Wonderland. My home park could just get the first Paramount park to get a hyper (thats steel). I heard it from a friend that works their too.
11/25/2000 Anonymous My friend told me that Busch Gardens Tampa is going to take out Python and put in a new stand up coaster.
11/25/2000 Bryan McClanahan Knott's will be getting a hyper coaster. It's definite. Windjammer is going to be taken out of knotts and moved to a southern america. This will start next month. One year from next year, they will start the construction of the new hyper coaster. I went to a coaster meeting and met with Cedar Fair L.P. representives and that is what they told me. If you have any questions, E-mail me at Mcclan5@aol.com This is not a rumor, its for real.
11/25/2000 Anonymous I have heard that cedar point in the year of 2002 that they will build a record breaking steel floorless roller coaster behind the mean streak.
11/22/2000 Anonymous I'm almost positive that Six Flags Magic Mountain will get a new floorless coaster that will break the records for speed, height, and inversions. I'm pretty sure of all this because I saw land markings next to Viper.
11/21/2000 Steve Pretty sure that Six flags bought Canada's La Ronde
11/21/2000 Jon I heard this past summer on the local news in Cincinatti Ohio that Paramounts Kings Island is going to build a new hypercoaster that will break Millenium Force's and Steel Dragon's records.
11/20/2000 Anonymous A friend of mine said that Canadas Wonderland will get a new hyper coaster in a few years behind Ghoster Coaster and the Action theatre
11/20/2000 Tom Stone Magic Springs mine train is from Dollywood, and they are supposed to be getting a "chute the chutes"'which is to be incorporated into the water park.The entrance for the mine train should be somewhere around the "twist and shout"(c.o.d.).
11/20/2000 Anonymous Knotts has planned to get a 275 footer roller coaster possibably with an inversion. The stations are either at windjammer, Bommerang, Parlious Plunge (Because of all the trouble) or even montozomas Revenage. The best bet is at the board walk games though
11/20/2000 Anonymous Knott's Berry Farm's next Coaster is going to be the first stand up inverted coaster.



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