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Sim Theme Park

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Sim Theme Park combines all of the elements that it's predecessor had and more. Since Roller Coaster Tycoon already had expanded on the same style of the original Theme Park, Electronic Arts decided to totally change how the game looked. In this one you can ride every ride and walk around and look everywhere. Even when riding the roller coaster you can look up, down, ahead, behind, left right, and just about everywhere else in its 3-d environment. It is full of alot of flat rides that are all very well themed to the world that you are playing. There are a few different types of roller coasters and with the way that the game is set up, you can make the most twisted tracks with drops reaching around 88 degrees! The one major drawback to this program is that if you don't have an exceptionally fast computer with a decent Graphics card, the game is really, really choppy. If I were to have them I would play the game as much as Roller Coaster Tycoon, but without it, I just play it on occasion.

Crazy Ape

Temple Of Gloom

Temple Of Gloom

Splish Splash

Crazy Ape & Temple Of Gloom

Screenshots from Gamesta.com


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