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Best Of The Best
Top 5 Amusement/Theme Parks
1 Cedar Point America's Roller Coaster. And let me tell you it sure does live up to its name. Not only does it have coasters, but it has many flatrides as well has plenty of kiddie rides too. This park is set up on a peninsula sticking right out into Lake Erie, which means it has almost no height limits. It also includes Hotels, a beach, and a marina all less than 100 feet from the park.
2 Islands Of Adventure I don't think the term "theme park" will ever be the same. This is by far the greatest theme park ever built. Not only does it have two of my top 10 coasters, but it has the greatest theming, food, and ride ever... The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.
3 Six Flags Ohio I visited this park in 1999 when it was still Geauga Lake. I thought the whole atmosphere of that park was so classic, it had the small hometown park feel. Then when I heard of the name change to Six Flags Ohio, I expected the worse. But Six Flags actually did a very good job of retaining the small park feel while still installing 3 modern day coasters. I hope this is how it will stay in the future.
4 Knott's Berry Farm The second I stepped foot into this park I just stopped to look at how nice it was. It is just so relaxing. Its kinda hard to be relaxed while staring up at a 320 foot tall freefall tower. The Ghost Town section is amazingly themed and you feel like you just stepped back into the 1800's. And yes... there is Ghostrider too!
5 Six Flags Magic Mountain Overall, this park wasn't all that great.. but with their coaster count, you can't really go wrong. I think this park really needs to step back and work on theming and installing flatrides if they really want to compete with Cedar Point.

Honorable Mention
These are the parks that didn't quite make it into my Top 5, but are still extremely great.

Knoebel's Grove You have to give them credit. They are family owned and operated and showing no signs of selling out. They have two awesome wooden coasters and the cheapest yet best food you'll ever find in a park.
Dorney Park It's my hometown park... there is Steel Force and just so many memories!

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