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Best Of The Best
Top 10 Wooden Coasters
1 Ghostrider
Knott's Berry Farm
Out of all the wooden coasters I have ever been on, this one is truely the most exciting of all. The first half is awesome, but the second half is amazing!
2 Giant Dipper
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
This seaside classic is the smoothest wooden coaster I have ever been on. It has a steep first drop, awesome lateral g forces, and that complete old-fashioned feel to it.
3 Phoenix
Knoebel's Grove
Phoenix provides the most airtime out of any wooden coaster that I've been on. No matter where you sit you're in for an air filled ride. (but the front is where its the best!) It sure is great to see a park go out of their way to preserve a classic coaster like this one.
4 Big Dipper
Six Flags Ohio
This coaster provides almost as much airtime as Phoenix which is still alot! If you sit towards the back you're in for a crazy ride, but in the front seat you will float out of your seat on every single hill. Its great to see a coaster like this still exist inbetween all the modern day thrillers in this park.
5 Twister
Knoebel's Grove
This near clone of Elitch Garden's Mr. Twister coaster is one crazy ride. It is the type ride that never lets up until the final break run. Another cool part about this coaster is its neat features... especially its switchback lift hill.
6 Villain
Six Flags Ohio
Villain is almost like the east coast's Ghostrider, but no where near as extreme. It does feature many great sections of airtime, but it really features alot of lateral g's. Hopefully the rumor about new lap bars is true!
7 Thunderbolt
This is probably the most unique wooden coaster I have ever seen. The coaster is a remodeled version of Kennywood's Pippen coaster that closed in the 1960's. This coaster still retains Pippen's first and last 2 drops.
8 Gwazi
Busch Gardens Tampa
Take a great Great Coasters built ride and have it duel with another.. thats Gwazi. Both sides are pretty smooth, but they still get their chances to chake you around a good bit.
9 Roar
Six Flags Marine World
What makes this ride great is its open air trains. Its pretty smooth and crosses in and out of itself many times causing great headchopper effects.
10 Jack Rabbit
Overall this ride isn't all that great. The only really neat thing about this coaster is its third drop. It basically causes the greatest airtime you will ever experience.

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