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Best Of The Best
Top 10 Steel Coasters
1 Millennium Force
Cedar Point
This "Gigacoaster" combines an amazing drop, lots of airtime and positive g forces, and an extremely smooth ride to make the greatest coaster this world has ever seen.
2 Superman: Ride of Steel
Six Flags New England
I don't think you'll find a coaster out there with more airtime than this one. This coaster has been compared to the mighty Millennium Force by many enthusiasts, and it sure does come close!
3 Steel Force
Dorney Park
Steel Force is the coaster I have had the most fun on. I have been on it 600+ times with my friends and it never gets boring. Just overall a great ride! (especially in the back!)
4 Stealth
Paramount's Great America
It is really hard to rate this coaster because you really can't compare it to anything else. My brother sitting next to me on this ride had the right idea when he screamed "I Am Superman" over and over. Just go and experience it... YOU'LL LOVE IT!
5 The Incredible Hulk
Islands Of Adventure
The world's only B&M launched coaster.. and its themed to The Incredible Hulk. Now really.. How can you go wrong?
6 Goliath
Six Flags Magic Mountain
This "Hypertwister" coaster has a really great drop into a small black hole, an large camelback that produces amazing airtime, and a really tight helix that is truely the charm of this coaster.
7 Dueling Dragons
Islands Of Adventure
Take a really great B&M inverted coaster and have it almost collide with another great one. You get one AWESOME experience. The themimg on this ride is also amazing.
8 Montu
Busch Gardens Tampa
What makes this Inverted coaster stand out above all others is its incredible "Batwing" element. It is also one of the smoothest out there and you have to love all the theming.. especially the crocodiles right under you feet.
9 Desperado
Buffalo Bill's Hotel & Casino
Desperado towers 208 feet over the Nevada desert. Its airtime packed layout is just what you need after a hard days work of gambling.
10 Superman Ultimate Escape
Six Flags Ohio
This "Impulse" coaster is the first of its kind and wow is thie coaster insane. I really wouldn't mind giving this coaster the title of "Most Extreme Ride On The Planet."

Honorable Mention
These are the coasters that didn't quite make it into my Top 10, but are still extremely great coasters.

Drachen Fire
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
In my opinion, this is the best Arrow looping coaster ever built. Its first inversion is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I really hope that BGW doesn't decide to put out the fire.
Six Flags Great Adventure
By far the best B&M Floorless coaster out there. It is much smoother than the others I have ridden, and the layout just seems to fit perfectly.
The Great Nor' Easter
Morey's Piers
Well there are a million Vekoma SLC coasters out there, but this one stands out because it weaves in and out of an entire waterpark. Its also by far the most intense I've been on and that just adds to the excitement.
Cedar Point
This wild standup coaster pulls off a great ride. Its not the tallest or fastest anymore, but the ride itself is very intense and I love every second of it.
Dorney Park
This coaster might be portable and the layout might be pretty simple, but this Anton Schwarzkopf masterpiece is seriously to the MAX.

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